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Friday Flashback: 2002 Visit

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  • What is the status of the Palma Sola archaeological site today? = ¿Cuál es el estado del yacimiento arqueológico de Palma Sola en la actualidad?

Background It is unknown who made the petroglyphs, as well as the old name of the place. The name of Palma Sola receives it from the place where it is located. It is located on the slope of Cerro “La Cuesta”, part of El Veladero, which belongs to the Sierra Madre del Sur; its altitude of 380 meters above sea level allows you to have a view of the Bay of Acapulco. The part that the public can visit has an extension of three hectares, containing engravings distributed in 18 stones; Apparently the residential part was found in the upper part, where the existence of ceramic structures and materials is reported. The first extensive study of the area was carried out by Martha Cabrera between 1980-1982 and recently Rubén Manzanilla published in 2008 the Rock Manifestations of Acapulco, which contains the catalog of petroglyphs of Palma Sola. Through the engravings it is possible to know aspects of the society that shaped its ideas in this place between the Late Preclassic (450 BC to 200 AD) and the Classic (200 to 650 AD), finding mythical, geographical themes, lineages, agricultural cults and time measurement. The schematic representation of the human being stands out, through circles and squares for the head and lines for the body, abounding with mythical characters, deities, priests and possibly descendants of rulers embodied in stone.



Palma Sola Archaeological Site, Guerrero (2002)

Rockshelter Petroglyphs

Palma Sola


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