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Park People Hosts ‘7 Questions’ Webinar Series

Photo: Wetlands Trail

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Park People – parkpeople.ca – wrote about the future of city parks. This webinar series was created to directly address these questions. In the series, you’ll learn about park-based solutions to address the urgent and immediate needs arising out of Covid-19 and parks’ role in creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Upcoming webinar: Reimagining Public Engagement in Parks and Public Spaces hosted by Park People, Wed, Sep 30, 2:30-3:30pm Eastern, 1130am-1230pm Pacific.

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7 Questions: Perspectives on the future of parks

Indigenous “place-making” skips Aboriginal Affairs, heads to Parks instead


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Are there collaborative Google Docs or other social web channels?


COVID-19 has shaken up standard community engagement methods. Can we seize this moment to develop more creative methods to foster it? his webinar will look at a new wave of creative and community-centric approaches to support community engagement that positions community members as local experts before designs are produced and long after the ribbon is cut on a new park.


  • Mikael St. Pierre, Project and Development Manager at Montréal Urban Ecology Centre @EcologieUrbaine
  • Sophia Horwitz, partner and co-founder of COLAB
  • Jennifer Franks, Lead, Indigenous Placemaking, City of Toronto
  • Cheryll Case, Founder and Principal, CP Planning; City of Brampton

This webinar is ticket-based with a pay-what-you-can structure. All donations will go directly to support Park People’s parks and public space programs and initiatives.

This webinar series is taking place in English with simultaneous French interpretation.

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Park People helps people activate the power of parks. Amis des parcs aide les gens à activer le pouvoir des parcs.


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