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File under ‘know your hashtags’

is on TV. This is the annual summertime college rugby matchup in Philadelphia.

Saturday: 6/3 – 3-5 pm ET | 5-6 pm ET 6/4 – 1-3 pm ET | 3-5 pm ET

Sunday it’s on live in just a few hours.

Random things 

Life University is best known for its Doctor of Chiropractic degree program.




Not everyone is a fan


A lesson in watching rugby in the USA

Difficult except for cable or apps or apple TV.

Watching on TV – Couldn’t. I was out and about

Watching replay on AppleTV – Works

Watching replay on NBCSports App – Does not connect

Let me timely and topical. I’m watching rugby today to avoid watching endless replays of the news on linear TV. Putting anything else on blocks out what I’ll learn with more assurance later on. Besides if I want to get the news, I go to Twitter Moments. Roiling indeed.

Tomorrow is World Environment Day and I think as many people here are paying attention to #WorldEnvironmentDay as they are .

30 Days Wild

Know Your Hashtags

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