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Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth largest city in Australia.

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February 7-March 1 – Perth Festival acknowledges the Noongar people who remain the spiritual and cultural birdiyangara of this kwobidak boodjar.

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The Swan River estuary flows through the city. The long sweep of beach at Matilda Bay is popular for family picnics.

Adjacent to the Swan River, about 1.5 kilometers from downtown is the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the single most popular visitor destination in Western Australia (visited by more than 6 million people each year). The first ceremonial tree planting took place in 1895 and marked the beginning of the Perth Park, later re-named Kings Park. The total area of the park is 400 hectares.

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Rockingham is a city and primary centre in Western Australia south-west of the Perth city centre and south of Fremantle. It has a beachside location at Mangles Bay, the southern extremity of Cockburn Sound. To its north stretches the maritime and resource-industry installations of Kwinana and Henderson.Wikipedia

Mandurah is a city on the southwest coast of Western Australia. It’s known for the Peel-Harvey Estuary with its abundant wildlife and migratory waterbirds. The Mandurah Community Museum features exhibits on the Peel region’s history. Halls Head Beach has a large resident dolphin population. To the south, Yalgorup National Park is home to thrombolites, rare, rock-like microorganism formations, at Lake Clifton. Map

Nearby: Penguin Island
Mounting opposition to WA government’s new Penguin Island tourist centre as bird population dwindles

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