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Different shades of gray: Phase Down and Phase Out

Phase Down =

Phase Out = to discontinue a process, project, or service in phases

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Germany is set to commit to phase-out coal by 2030, eight years earlier than planned.

Hugely important. India drops a bomb at the very last minute, demanding that COP26 language calling for a “phase out of coal” be watered down to “phase down.” Alok Sharma apologizes to the negotiators as a group but swallows it.

Phase down vs. phase out. Sometimes, as a copywriter, when you find yourself stressing to a client about the impact and importance of specific words, and they refuse to engage, insisting on a particular wording that we know is just wrong, I may need to use this as a case study.

They are responding to an amendment to change a phase down unabated coal and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies

“Success at #COP26 calls for new efforts to phase down fossil fuel production in line with 1.5°C and to enable a globally just and equitable transition that leaves no country behind.” #FossilFuelTreaty



COP26: India Raises Last-Minute Objection to Ending Coal


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