Recommended viewing: Cunk on Britain

Philomena Cunk’s landmark mockumentary series taking us through Britain’s history, journeying from the Big Bang to Brexit. Written by Charlie Brooker and starring Diane Morgan. Four parts.

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Episode 1: Before roads … Before Snapchat … Magna Carta, sort of a terms and conditions …

Episode 2: I’ll be starting sentences in one location and finishing them in another … Chronic wife addition … The British got into boats by getting into boats … Hoping to create a new life of spartan misery …

Episode 3: Industrial revelation … Trains … Clifton Suspension Bridge … Difference Engine: What games does it have? … The oranges of the pictures … India … Is Music Hall the first music named after a building? … Books streamed content from the page into the mind’s eye … Great Defacations … Suffragette Movement …

Diane Morgan To Reprise Philomena Cunk Role For BBC & Netflix’s ‘Cunk On Earth’

Diane Morgan
Brush Strokes

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