Photo: Vegas Stardust Sign at Neon Museum (Some rights reserved)

Photography = the practice of taking pictures (Fotografía = la práctica de tomar fotografías)

We need to talk about digital photography. What works and what doesn’t.

Planeta highlights our fave photographers. We also encourage conscious travel / responsible travel ethics. That said, the objectives of this page: 1) define the terms, 2) explore technical concerns and digitization, 3) highlight innovative events that connect locals and visitors.

We are learning how to take photos and share photos – when to, with whom, and how to. We are all on the learning curve when it comes to digitizing photos and videos. For those of us who have undigitized pics, videos and reel-to-reel movies, what should we do?

Longtime fan of @Flickr AND I’d like to find better ways of presenting. Currently a mix of screenshots and recent pics

Technical Questions

  • How do you take photos now compared to a few years ago?
  • How do you share photos today compared to a few years ago?
  • Do you have old photos / videos / movies you would like to digitize?

Survey Questions

  • Whose images do you enjoy on Facebook / Flickr / Google Maps / Instagram / Twitter?
  • How do you express your reaction / feedback to these photos? Downloading / Liking / Sharing / Something else


  • Are there times in which travelers can assist locals via photography?
  • Can visitors help tell the story?
  • Can visitors participate in the story?
  • Are there events in which locals are empowered to connect with visitors in a positive, unscripted manner?
  • How do we encourage non photographers to take pictures?
  • How do we create activities that bring together locals and visitors?
  • How do we use photography to stimulate sales of local crafts?
  • Do travelers who take pictures of their meals care more about local food and people?

A few notes: Photos I download to my MacBook from my iPhone on a semi-regular basis. Since Apple has made a few major changes to Photos over the years, I dread opening up the application. Maybe it’s the software,maybe it’s my response – it’s overwhelming to see so many pics and albums and recently AI-generated memory albums. I have been on a roller coaster with Flickr but I’m satisfied with the value and I like the long-term thinking, not to mention simply surviving.

Embedded Tweets

Mallarme said that everything in the world exists in order to end in a book. Today everything exists to end in a photograph. – Susan Sontag

It’s important to take bad pictures. – Diane Arbus

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh What hijacked my world that night. – The Pretenders, Back on the Chain Gang

Stray Observations

  • A friend’s mother keeps her old print photos in buckets
  • Sharing photos with our many selves
  • Tips on tagging?



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