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Planeta Live, June 2020


Announcement: Planeta.com’s new monthly public zoom took place Friday, June 5, 10:30am Mexico, 8:30am Pacific – as a transmission on Planeta’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/planetadotcom – and later uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ronmader/videos.

Timestamps 03:40 Marlene: Future is smaller groups 05:30 Febo: Mexico Bike Tour 07:50 Febo: Projects need a Gringo to work 08:30 Ron: Let’s speak kindly of the dead. Francisco’s map of historic trees in Oaxaca City 09:30 Marlene: Memories of Francisco, connecting with Pedro 11:00 Febo: Urban walk en route to Pochote Market 12:00 Sunday bike tours in Mexico City … riding bikes, talking about the landscape 12:47 Febo: Ron started telling me 25 years ago … 19:40 Jennifer: Nature walks can help people be less anxious 21:45 Marlene: Oldest part of Cuernavaca 22:18 Lightning round: Indigenous vocabulary 30:00 Jennifer: We have a little more time 30:30 Ron: Memories of Jorge 32:30 Jennifer: Viveros 42:00 Febo: Shoutout to Pedro, Verena

Among the topics for discussion:

Participants’ status report during the covid19 pandemic

Mexico tourism / ecotourism

Requests for On Camera Participants

Let Ron know if you would like to participate on camera via Zoom. If so, we’ll start the private chat at 10am Mexico, 8am Pacific to test things out.

Please interact with us via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please let others know about the upcoming conversation.

Please give positive encouragement to the other participants.

Requests for Viewers
Subscribe / Like / Favorite our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Ask questions.

Please positive encouragement to the other participants.

Let us know if there are other online resources, documents, webinars, events of interest to Planeta.com readers/viewers.

The Facilitor’s Facilitator
A big thanks to Jennifer Morfin for guiding and facilitating the conversation on Zoom and Facebook.


Marlene Ehrenberg Enríquez

Jennifer Morfin

Antonio Suárez

Ron Mader

Reading List

What are the conversations we need to be having?

What are the conversations we need to be having?

Don’t be racist

Don’t be racist

Urgent Call from Mexico

Urgent Call from Mexico (World Environment Day 2020)

Eat Travel and Live Together during COVID19

Mexico: Comer, viajar y convivir. Covid-19 (Eat, travel and live together. Covid-19)

Mexico Ecotourism

Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in Mexico

Urban Ecotourism

Urban Ecotourism






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