Roofdog: Can you make a playlist? (Some rights reserved)

Playlist = a list of recorded songs or selected videos

In this guide look at old school playlists and give a shoutout to radio stations – WTIP – that make it easy to learn what was just played. Also, we show how to create playlists on YouTube and YouTube Music. Let us know if the concepts are applicable in other circumstances.

Also see: mixtape

DIY Playlists

Pay attention to the continuing gamification of the social web. Points are scored by digital curator/creators by simply being an esteemed source. Do we make it easy or difficult to spark conversations IRL and online? On this page we will spotlight some public playlists on YouTube Music and YouTube.

Why? Making and maintaining a playlist is sometimes challenging. This page attempts to make playlist making (and listening / viewing) easy.

This 715-song playlist is scientifically verified to give you the chills, thanks to “frisson”

Translating: Playlist
Spanish: Lista de reproducción

Translating: Can you make a playlist?
Spanish: ¿Puedes crear una lista de reproducción?

Translating: Can you edit a playlist?
Spanish: ¿Puedes editar una lista de reproducción?

WTIP (Grand Marais, Minnesota)

YouTube Music Examples
Better Days
They Might Be Giants (TMBG)

YouTube Examples
IUCN Playlists
Ron Mader Playlists

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#Papahānaumokuākea Playlist on AppleTV

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