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2018 Private Land Conservation Conference

Photo: Tatters, Mount Mee

Australia’s 2018 Private Land Conservation Conference took place in Brisbane October 24-26. This year’s theme: Accelerating Connection. Hashtag: #PLC18

Taking place at QUT Gardens Point Campus, the event brings together participants from all corners of Australia to celebrate the importance of private land conservation. PLC18 comes alive with stories of landholders, businesses, conservation professionals, indigenous organisations and many others who are helping grow Australia’s private protected areas from thousands to millions of hectares.

The theme Accelerating Connection – points to the importance of connection across land, people and landscapes, the centrality of connectivity for species and ecosystems.

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  • What are the lessons learned from conservation on protected lands?
  • Are any of the presentations or videos available from the event?
  • What are the follow-ups to this conference?
  • What are examples of private land conservation abutting parks and protected areas?
  • Are there examples of travel and tourism that helps conserve biodiversity on private lands?

Australian Land Conservation Alliance
The Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA)http://www.alca.org.au – is the peak national organisation promoting private land conservation in Australia. ALCA’s mission is to maximise the contribution of land conservation by private land holders towards national and international biodiversity conservation goals.


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