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Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border


Recommended Reading: Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border
Part 1: Along the U.S.-Mexico border, in an area called Mexicali, the air is killing people.
Part 2: This is how a river along the U.S.-Mexico border became a toxic waste dumping ground.
Part 3: This city’s factories make stuff Americans buy. But its people pay a heavy price.
Part 4: A toxic wasteland festers on the border, putting people’s health at risk.

A must read for all interested in the Mexico/USA Borderlands

Desert Sun: In 2016, Desert Sun reporter Ian James and photographer Zoë Meyers ventured from Palm Springs 100 miles south to the California-Mexico border to look into the toxic New River, which flows from the Mexican city of Mexicali north into the California town of Calexico. They spent the next two years looking not only at the New River, but also contaminated air and soil, uncovering a pattern of unchecked pollution leading to illness and death in both countries.

On Friday, April 5, The Desert Sun and Comite Civico Del Valle have teamed up to present a visually dynamic, interactive event that will help you understand the crisis of polluted air and water affecting communities on both sides of the California-Mexico border — and what is at stake through the eyes of journalists, lawmakers, experts and activists. The presentation takes place from 5-830pm at The Desert Sun, 750 N. Gene Autry Trail, in Palm Springs. Tickets are $10 and include light refreshments. Purchase tickets online at tickets.desertsun.com.


  • Will the presentation have live and recorded video?
  • Are there recommended websites / Twitter accounts / Facebook pages focusing on environmental concerns in these borderlands?

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