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Pop-Up Museum = Short-term exhibition that facilitates conversations and social bridging

Here’s the definition from the Pop-Up Museum Blog

  1. a short-term institution existing in a temporary space.
  2. a way to catalyze conversations among diverse people, mediated by their objects.


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I really care about creating experiences in museums that facilitate social bridging – people connecting with other people who aren’t like them. I want to create safe environments where people can grapple with their own perspectives, celebrate their communities, and learn more about one another and the things we all cherish.
– Michelle DelCarlo, Reflection On A Year of Pop-Ups

Also see: pop up (to appear suddenly unexpectedly), pop-up wedding, pop-up restaurants

Advantages: conversation, social inclusion

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40th Anniversary Pop-Up Museum, Sanchez Pascuas Market @ Oaxaca 09.2012

Mercado Pochote Xochimilco y los Foamboards @ Oaxaca Organico 03.2012
Double Foamboard or Pop-Up Museum: Oaxaca and Nevada


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