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Links relevant to potatoes presented in somewhat random fashion:

Ecofestival de la Papa Nativa
December 10-14 Ecofestival de la papa nativa (Mérida, Venezeual)

The Great Trentham Spudfest! 23rd-25th May, 2008
Trentham Australia – Already the Trentham Bakery, Trentham Café & Country Crafts, Mrs. Marples Tearooms, the Pig & Whistle Hotel, Red Beard Bakery and the Trentham Hotel are having special potato dishes on their menu for the weekend and one course of the Neighbourhood House Dinner (May 24 at Supper Room, Mechanics Hall) will be a special potato dish. There should also be a potato product cooking competition, a display of different varieties plus some for sale, a display of historical and current potato digging machinery and the Historical Society are organizing bus tours of local potato diggers huts.”

Production and Consumption
The world potato sector is undergoing major changes. Until the early 1990s, most potatoes were grown and consumed in Europe, North America and countries of the former Soviet Union. Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in potato production and demand in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where output rose from less than 30 million tonnes in the early 1960s to more than 165 million tonnes in 2007. FAO data shows that in 2005, for the first time, the developing world’s potato production exceeded that of the developed world. China is now the biggest potato producer, and almost a third of all potatoes is harvested in China and India. potato2008.org/en/world/index.html

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