Artwork: Biodiversity Heritage Library, Mammals of Australia, Taylor and Francis

Wikipedia: Potoroo is a common name for species of Potorous, a genus of smaller marsupials. They are allied to the Macropodiformes, the suborder of kangaroo, wallaby, and other rat-kangaroo genera. All three extant species are threatened by ecological changes since the English colonisation of Australia, especially the long-footed Potorous longipes (Endangered) and P. gilbertii (Critically Endangered). The broad-faced P. platyops disappeared after its first description in the nineteenth century. The main threats are predation by introduced species (especially foxes) and habitat loss.

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2020 Bushfires
More than 40 percent of the Victorian habitats of the sooty owl, diamond python, long-footed potoroo, long-nosed bandicoot and brush-tailed rock-wallaby have already been wiped out. – Leaked report lays bare environmental devastation of Victorian fires – The Age


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