Elsewhere on the Web: – “was founded in 2006 by MIT Sloan School of Management Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer and colleagues to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change.”

In 2020 Presencing is hosting a shared journey online: GAIA, an impromptu global infrastructure for sense-making. The Global Forum: Moving from Ego to Eco takes place on July 10-11th. Global timing online this Google Doc.

Hashtag: #GAIAjourney

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  • What are the event hashtags?
  • For those who have not registered, are there ways to watch and share the live video?
  • What are the key takeaways from the event?

Global Forum Registration 2020 to 2030 might well be the most critical decade in recent history. At the threshold of this new decade, we are called to ever more bold intention and action. Massive change needs to be both seeded, activated and accelerated, and at the same time, we are learning so much from incredible transformation initiatives underway across the globe. It’s time now to grow our collective momentum.

Gaia Journey

Embedded Tweets

Turning Toward Our Blind Spot: Seeing the Shadow as a Source for Transformation
Eight Emerging Lessons: From Coronavirus to Climate Action

Three Stages of Global Movement Building: Soil, Seed, and Eco-system Activation
A New Superpower in the Making: Awareness-Based Collective Action
Five Actions to Save GAIA. Otto Scharmer

The global inhale sessions take place bi-weekly, alternated by so-called “exhale”-weeks via hubs, circles, personal practice, or online discussions. Check here for the inhale dates

Recordings of the Live Sessions

Inhale – Week 1 (27 March, 2020)

1st Live Session (English)

Session in Spanish (27th March)

Session in German (29th March)

Session in Dutch (1st April)

Session in Japanese (4th May)

Inhale – Week 3 (10 April, 2020)

Session 1 (English): featuring VANDANA SHIVA

Session 2 (English): featuring Dayna Cunningham

Session 3 (Spanish): featuring Isabel Guerrero

Session 4 (Portuguese): featuring Ken O’Donnell

Session 5 (English): featuring Aboriginal Nyungar Leaders

French session: 13th April (Inhale 1 & 2)

German session: 13th April

Inhale – Week 5 (24 April, 2020)

Session 1 (English): featuring Arawana Hayashi

Spanish session: 24th April

German session: 26th April

French session: 27th April

Inhale – Week 7 (8 May, 2020)

Session 1 (English): featuring Thomas Hübl

Session 2 (English): featuring Nipun Mehta

Session 3 – in Spanish

Session 4 – in Portuguese

Session 5 (English): featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn

German session: 10th May

French session: 11th May featuring Isabelle Padovani

Otto Scharmer
Theory U
Fritjof Capra
Peter Senge


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