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QR code (short for Quick Response) is a barcode readable by a special app (QR Reader) installed on smartphones. Using the app, people scan the code by hovering the smartphone over the code and are directed to a web page or specific text.

Recommended Listening

2020: QR codes finally became useful

Troubles? Some QR codes may have not been printed correctly or are too small to be scanned. Some devices may have problems scanning because of poor camera quality. Make sure that your device is at the correct distance from the QR code which should fit into the box on the camera view. You might need to tap the screen to focus the image.

QR Code Generators
http://www.qurify.com/es (español)

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Recommended Listening
Recalling the history of almost anything – Andrew Hudson-Smith demonstrates a technology which allows the memory of an article to be revealed. A mobile phone reads a code on the article. This is sent to a website and the history is sent back to the user. Further application is the ability of something inanimate, such as a bus stop, to send a message to the site saying someone’s property had been left behind.




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