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Photo: Ron Mader, Soup at Lula’a (Some rights reserved)

Quelites = Wild greens, similar to lambs quarters or pigweed

Other greens include
chepil, guias, quintoniles, chepiche, huauzoncle, papalo-quiliti, verdolaga, huele de noche

CONABIO (PDF): Quelites are the tender parts of edible plants; They can be leaves, stems, and flowers. They are consumed throughout the national territory more than 350 species of quelites, since they are an integral part of the culture and food. These plants have been managed in different ways by the inhabitants of the different regions of Mexico; are tolerated, promoted or protected in various agroecosystems, like the cornfield; or collected from natural vegetation and various species are grown alone or in association with other plants. The ways of preparing quelites are varied: they can be cooked boiled, fried, roasted, steamed or eaten raw and there can also be a combination of two or more forms of preparation for certain species. In some dishes and drinks they are the main component, but they can also be condiments with characteristic flavors and aromas. The recipes shown here are a sample of what can be prepared with quelites, but you can create and invent various dishes. By consuming this food, we contribute to the conservation of the agrobiodiversity of our country and diversify our diet with different aromas, smells, textures, flavors and micronutrients, such as vitamins and essential minerals for a balanced diet.

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