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Radical Collaboration = Finding ways to be helpful to others and to be helped by others in the short and long term // Colaboración radical = Encontrar formas de ayudar a los demás y ser ayudado por otros a corto y largo plazo

Consider the idea that we could be better communicators and collaborators. We don’t have to agree on everything to make the rest of the 2020s a little better. This page documents a shared journey among friends. Introducing our vision of

We can make this world a better place. For those keen on the ideals behind ecotourism and responsible travel – good places to live are good places to visit, now is a good time to re-imagine the way we travel and how we receive visitors. How can we be helpful to others and to be helped by others?

For those keen on biodiversity, ecological and cultural conservation, and heritage, now is a good time to re-imagine how we act to protect and preserve vulnerable habitats and species.

Let’s have honest conversations about what does and doesn’t work, what lessons have been learned during the Pandemic, and how we take steps forward.

With the world in and out of lockdowns, we have had time to reflect on the value of travel – to ourselves as travelers and to ourselves as locals. would like to step up collaboration with readers, listeners, and viewers. We welcome your input on our Google Docs (Change the world) and invite comment on these pages. We also want to challenge event organizers to make events meaningful for face-to-face encounters and hybrid venues for remote participants. Finally, we strive to be good listeners and amplifiers of meaningful events and conversations elsewhere on the web.

Communication Wish List

Livestreaming. Mainstreaming is livestreaming plus engagement – letting others know how to access live video and how to participate, interact. Double bonus points when hosts of videos announce ahead of time when the stream will start.

Other Concepts of Radical Collaboration


Radical Collaboration: Accelerating Climate Action Together


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