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Radical Collaboration

Lingo Cards (Some rights reserved)

Radical Collaboration = Finding immediate ways to be helpful to others and to be helped by others

Hashtag: #RadicalCollaboration

For those keen on the ideals behind responsible tourism – good places to live are good places to visit , regenerative tourism, sustainable tourism, Indigenous tourism, ecotourism – now is a good time to re-imagine the way we travel and receive visitors.

With the world in and out of lockdowns, now is the time to invest more time in travel planning.

Planeta.com proposes an immediate call to action with our readers, listeners, and viewers. Radical Collaboration:

Call for radical collaboration among those keen on the ideals behind responsible tourism – good places to live are good places to visit. Now is a good time to work on the specifics, not only in theory but in practice. = Llame a la colaboración radical entre aquellos interesados en los ideales detrás del turismo responsable: los buenos lugares para vivir son buenos lugares para visitar. Ahora es un buen momento para trabajar en los detalles, no solo en la teoría sino en la práctica.

Consider the idea that we could be better communicators and collaborators. We don’t have to agree on everything to make 2022 a little better. This page documents a shared journey among friends.

What you can do

  • Share this page
  • Share or contribute to collaborative documents via Google Docs
  • Comment – add suggestions
  • Document what’s available now
  • Make yourself more approachable

Bonus Points

Livestreaming. Mainstreaming is livestreaming plus engagement – letting others know how to access live video and how to participate, interact. Double bonus points when hosts of videos announce ahead of time when the stream will start.

Other Concepts of Radical Collaboration


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