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Radish Night 2017

Poster: Uriel Barranc

Oaxaca City, Mexico – 2017 is the 120th iteration of the annual Noche de Rábanos, aka Radish Night, which takes place on Saturday, December 23 in the downtown zócalo. This is a horticultural pageant, testimony to agriculture and folk art.

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CORTV is livestreaming a three-hour recap including award ceremony.


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About the event
La Noche de Rábanos (Radish Night) is celebrated on December 23rd and for more than a century has been a focal point of Christmas celebrations in Oaxaca. True to its name, the Radish Night festival lasts only a few hours as vegetables have a limited lifespan as folk art.

For those of us unable to experience the event in person, the photos and videos are the next best thing.

Questions = Preguntas

  • How many artisans participated in this year’s Noche de Rábanos? = Cuantos artesanos participaron en la Noche de Rábanos de este año
  • Who were this year’s winners? = Who were this year’s winners? = ¿Quiénes fueron los ganadores de este año?
  • How many visitors attended this year’s Noche de Rábanos? = ¿Cuántos visitantes asistieron a la Noche de Rábanos de este año?
  • Are there remote viewing parties? = ¿Hay fiestas de observación remota (viewing parties)?
  • What events can we look forward to in 2018? = ¿Qué eventos podemos esperar en 2018?
  • Does ‘Cosecha de Rábanos’ 2017 have captions? An English-language translation? =
    ¿Tiene Cosecha de Rábanos 2017 leyendas? ¿Una traducción en inglés?

This year’s poster was designed by Uriel Barranc.

Twitter Moment

Artesanos – Artista – Chocolate – Cosecha – Cultura – Danzante – Familia – Fiesta – Fila – Infantil – Kiosko – Nacimiento – Noche – Oaxaca está de pie – Rábanos – Recorrido – Stands – Totomoxtle – Tradicional – Trueque – Visitantes – Zócalo



Cosecha = Harvest

Datos Curiosos

Flor Inmoral


Noche de Rábanos 2017 @CORTV (Screenshot)

The Oaxacan Corporation of Radio and Television (CORTV) is a public non-profit means of communication that fosters the socio-cultural wealth of the state of Oaxaca and provides space for all voices in an orderly and objective manner, maintaining plurality, truthfulness and quality in its contents. In addition, it defends and disseminates freedom of expression, public policies and social benefit campaigns that promote the integral development of society.



Radish Night in Oaxaca de Juárez, México

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