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The Copper Canyon is home to the Tarahumara, or in their own language, they are the Rarámuri, ‘those who walk through life correctly.’

The Rarámuri are the second largest Indigenous group north of Mexico City (the Diné or Navajo in the United States are the first). When the Spanish arrived in the early 1500s, the Rarámuri lived in the fertile valleys of central Chihuahua. To evade the missionaries and Spanish settlers, they moved to the mountains and canyons. They are famous for their long distance running. Some are capable of running nonstop for more than 20 hours.

Today, their settlements are very small and often seasonal. Rarámuris traditionally live in caves or cabins along the canyon rims during the summer and move to the canyon bottoms during the winter. This is all geared toward a productive agricultural system in which specialized crops are grown for a specific altitude or type of soil. Corn is the major crop and the milpas, or fields, can boast more than six different strains, including blue, red and white corn.


Tarahumara Sustentable: Voces por la naturaleza

El tesgüino, bebida ancestral rarámuri

Las Alewá y el Bakánoa Ritual de curación entre los Rarámuris

The Rarámuri have an organic cosmology – a vital part of their religion is their belief that they are an integral part of the land and of the universe itself.

Good morning = Kuira = Kuira-bá
Good afternoon = Kuira = Kuira-bá
Good evening = Kuira = Kuira-bá
Hello = Kuira = Kuira-bá
Thank you = Matétera-bá = Gracias
Until tomorrow = Ipaché = Hasta mañana
Goodbye = Adios = ibá

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