Attention fantasy travel fans, here’s an inventive and informative podcast that simulates visits to iconic global hospots: Return Ticket So go on, pack your bags! Join host Jonathan Green on a journey of the mind … to destinations both near and far-flung, the familiar and the unexpected … in search of what the tourist never sees. An armchair travel show that scratches the surface of the world around us.

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Return Ticket: Hollywood — boulevard of broken onions
22:20 Skyduster

Beijing by bike – Welcome to a never-ending story. Beijing’s the world’s most populous capital city, and it’s a place where the trials and tribulations of China’s ascendancy are being played out in real-time.

Las Vegas by numbers – In a city where every flip of the card and roll of the dice could cost you, are the odds ever really in your favour? Exploring the maths of chance, we ponder: what are the odds of running out of water in Las Vegas? What are the odds of getting married by an Elvis impersonator? And what are the odds of coming home with more than you started with?

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