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The Reveil 2020 transmission loops the earth, tracking sunrise and highlighting the Dawn Chorus and other live environmental sounds from (UTC+1) 5AM on Saturday May 2 to 6AM Sunday, May 3.

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About the event
This project is about live sound, rather than recording. For information on how to contribute a stream to the Reveil broadcast, please check out the streaming recipes for technical tips.

To share field recordings, explore the soundmap at radio aporee.

The schedule brings together microphones from open windows, rooftops, gardens, forests, underwater, and electromagnetic sites.

The broadcast works with the Locus Sonus network to share sounds, ecologies and atmospheres as part of an emerging Acoustic Commons.

Reveil is assembled in a temporary radio studio at Stave Hill Ecological Park in London. Streams are hosted on the Locus Sonus soundmap. Reveil’s primary mountpoint is provided by Wave Farm in Acra, New York. The UK broadcast partner is Resonance Extra.

Reveil acts as a hub for a growing network of live ecological sound artists, activists, technologists, DIY broadcasters and researchers. Over seven years, Reveil has brought together practitioners in the fields of ecological and transmission arts, as well as terrestrial and marine bio- and ecoacoustics.

Locus Sonus
Locus Sonus Stream Project offers a worldwide network of “open mikes” that permanently stream local soundscapes to a dedicated server. The resulting live audio is used in a large variety of artistic projects. The microphones are installed and maintained by volunteer participants.

Cyberforest Sound Lab

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