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Rio Grande = Rio Bravo

Photo: Gary Nored, River Road from Presidio to Big Bend (Some rights reserved)

Spotlight on the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo)

Wikipedia: The Rio Grande known in Mexico as Río Bravo del Norte, or simply Río Bravo) is one of the principal rivers (along with the Colorado River) in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The Rio Grande begins in south-central Colorado in the United States and flows to the Gulf of Mexico. After passing through the length of New Mexico along the way, it forms part of the Mexico–United States border. According to the International Boundary and Water Commission, its total length was 1,896 miles (3,051 km) in the late 1980s, though course shifts occasionally result in length changes.

Questions = Preguntas

  • What are the cities along the Rio Grande / Rio Bravo? = ¿Cuáles son las ciudades a lo largo del Río Grande / Río Bravo?

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