Spotlight on Radio New Zealandrnz.co.nz – Aotearoa’s national radio broadcaster as well as the international broadcaster to the South Pacific. You can find a fine array of podcasts including Kākāpō Files, Mediawatch, Hymns on Sunday, and Te Ahi Kaa (which focuses on Māori culture). Check out the latest and most popular podcasts.

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Shock of the news – the art of short sharp theme tunes
2020 hindsight – media in the year of Covid-19 – MediaWatch / RadioNZ

Recommended Listening

Nga Uruoara – As tribute to the noted New Zealand botanist and eco-historian Geoff Park who died in 2009, Radio New Zealand National is featuring his 6-part radio series Paralleling his 1995 book Nga Uruora – The Groves of Life Ecology and History in a New Zealand Landscape.

Road Map – Pirongia – Located 20 minutes’ drive between Hamilton and Te Awamutu is today’s roadmap destination of Pirongia. The village is a popular service town for tourists on State Highway 39 who are heading to the Waitomo Caves. The village has a rich history. It’s home to the DB Draught Clydesdales which became famous in the 80s. It’s also where King Tawhio declared peace and an end to the Waikato land wars.

Roadside Stories is a series of audio guides that follow major road trips in New Zealand. The stories cover the places you’ll pass along the way – their people, their history, their cultural and natural significance.

Wai Pounamu: Waters of Greenstone – Matthew Leonard was invited to make location sound recordings on—and sometimes in—one of the fast flowing rivers of the South Island of New Zealand, the Arahura.

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