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Mexico Roadtrip (2019)

Photo: South

November 2019 Road trip! Just returning to Las Vegas from the a roadtrip from Austin to Guadalajara with a bus trip to Mexico City.

This was a whirlwind adventure, not as slowly as the tortoise prefers to travel, but with time for reflection and meetups with old friends and discovering new places and faces.

Future Plans – Yes, I want to make a return trip to Mexico in 2020. This is quick in-and-out visit to help a friend move. Purposeful. Mindful. And fun. With more time, I would like to return to Mexico City and Oaxaca de Juárez, perhaps getting a group together to visit artisans, palenqueros, and good friends.

Favorite Bits
Mexico Customs (Nuevo Laredo)
Time with Jim Coupal and Melissa Biggs
Time with Blanca Robleda and Tom Buckley
Time with Marlene Ehrenberg
Bar 57
ETN Bus Trip

Least Favorite Bits
Friday afternoon – evening 3 hour taxi ride from Central Terminal Norte to Colonia Moderna
Mexico City: VivaAerobus Ticket Counter (domestic and international were not labelled)

New slideshow / album of the Mexico visit … it’s not just POI (places of interest, although there are some, plaques too!) but POI (people of interest) – the friends and strangers we meet along the way

2019 Road Trip

Mexico City 11.2019

Mexico Roadtrip 11.2019

Guadalajara 11.2019

Guadalajara 11.2019

Mezonte, Guadalajara 11.2019

Mexico Roadtrip 11.2019

Santiago Felipe Xicoténcatl Garden 11.2019

Roadtrip 11.2019


  • What are the places and who are the people to see along the way? Even if we cannot make certain sidetrips on this trip, we can still update the relevant pages with suggestions.
  • What are the most useful apps (weather, music, audio books)?

Embedded Tweets

On the road in Mexico


I once met a foreign woman in Oaxaca City who bragged that she had traveled to Tlacolula de Matamoros for the local bread, and I thought that it was a logical reason enough to make a journey. For those with an appetite, travel for experiences with local food makes perfect sense.. I understood – local bread is special, and when you develop a taste for something special, it makes sense to make a culinary pilgrimage. I am a fan of most things made from wheat and corn and appreciate the diversity. Coming up on my roadtrip to Guadalajara – the opportunity to try the birotes (and later compare them to the bolillos in Mexico City).

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz

Driving in Mexico? We had no problems (other than needing extra bottles of fluido para la dirección) on the crossing from Nuevo Laredo to downtown Guadalajara.

Prepare to be surprised y vaya con Dios.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit Oaxaca. It’s been six years since I left in November 2013. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it’s been easy to stay in contact with some friends, but it’s not the same as connecting face-to-face.

November 2019 Calendar: Birotes




Crossing the Border

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