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2018 Roadtrip: Las Vegas – Grand Marais

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Late May – Early June 2018 road trip.

May 26, Saturday. Henderson. Departure this morning. The hours before packing and thinking about packing. Enjoying the birdsongs and the wind on a typical blustery May morning in southern Nevada. We are barreling north by northeast on this trip heading to Grand Marais and I expect different landscapes (and soundscapes) throughout the journey.

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Mom has a short and practical bucket list. She’s wanted to learn how to cane a chair. As the wicker becomes undone on the century-old chairs of her grandmother’s, she wants to be a fixer. Luckily there is a class taught at the North House Folk School taught by the Wicker Woman herself, Cathryn.

Travel in the USA is family travel so we are meeting up with relatives in Colorado and Minnesota.

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