Photo: Ron Mader, Roof Dog, Oaxaca (Some rights reserved)

Starting with defining and popularizing ‘ecotourism‘ and ‘biodiversity’ in the 1990s, explores our living language, from weasel words to academic lingo. In the case of these Roofdog posters, the buzzwordy questions are posed in the thought bubbles of a dog. When included in presentations and workshops, the images bring a lighter touch.

These multilingual posters are archived on Flickr using the Creative Commons attribution-sharealike license, so feel free to download, embed, like, print, remix, and share.

Roofdog Posters

About this particular roof dog
We love dogs and this photo of a dog guarding a roof in Teotitlán del Valle, was taken during one of our public walks with the weavers.

Living in Mexico City and later Oaxaca City (1997-2013), I noticed that when something new appeared online, it often had little to zero relevance to my immediate surroundings and conversations. So many of these buzzwords, aspiring Word of the Year candidates, delighted and annoyed me. This is how we learn – through delight and annoyance. Second, was the need to explore deeper and broader questions. How do we learn? By not confining ourselves to individual and institutional silos.

Upcoming posters

  • What are the sounds you remember/associate with waking up? = ¿Cuáles son los sonidos que recuerda/asocia con el despertar?
  • Which boosters are bivalent boosters? = ¿Qué refuerzos de vacunas son refuerzos bivalentes?
  • What do you wish you had known before you moved to Las Vegas? = ¿Qué te hubiera gustado saber antes de mudarte a Las Vegas?
  • Have you changed all the clocks? = ¿Has cambiado todos los relojes?
  • Is this what you meant?
  • Have you planted any milkweed? = ¿Has plantado algodoncillo?
  • How do you explain to someone who is being difficult that they are being difficult without making them more difficult? = ¿Cómo le explicas a alguien que está siendo difícil que está siendo difícil sin hacerlo más difícil?
  • How do we do this? = ¿Cómo la hacemos? / ¿Cómo lo hacemos?

Ask the roofdog / Questions for 2011



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