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Bike Share in Las Vegas

Photo: Ron Mader, Garces Station (Some rights reserved)

One of our Vegas Faves, the BCycle / RTC Bike Share – rtcbikeshare.bcycle.com – is our go-to, slow adventure in one of the world’s most storied cities. Happening now in downtown Las Vegas is the next big thing – micromobility via bike share. Hashtag: #RTCBikeShare

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  • What would locals like others know about downtown Las Vegas?
  • What is your experience with bike share?
  • Would anyone be interested in a meetup?

How it works
Purchase a membership online or be a guest at any station.
Choose a bike from any station.
Grab your bike from the dock and go.
Park your bike at any station. Insert your bike into the dock and listen for the three beeps. Double check the bike is locked.
Memberships are available via rtcbikeshare.bcycle.com

Important: Download, install, and sign in to the BCycle app. Bonus points for following/tagging @bcycle and RTCSNV

Customer Service Hours: 7am-10pm, 844-641-7823

Bike sharing is fun, more fun than I was expecting and I was expecting fun – a slow adventure type of fun. These bikes are not for racing, but they do make getting through the heat a veritable breeze.

Officials say that ‘bike sharing makes it economical and convenient to use bikes for trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive.’ The marketing campaign says ‘put the fun between your legs.’ Vegas, you’re always keeping yourself top of mind.

RTC Bike Share is available 24/7. As an downtown outsider living in Henderson, I opt for the late weekend mornings. Less traffic and hassles and a great time to view the murals and installations.

Currently there are 180 bikes and 21 stations conveniently located throughout downtown Las Vegas. Many of the stations are along or near downtown’s new green bicycle lanes.

We are reflecting more on bicycle tourism and the role bikes play. When there are more options for local and visitors to hop on a bike, city tourism changes. When locals have access via bike lanes and bike share programs, one’s perception of the city changes, expands.

Your thoughts?


Periscope, June 3, 2017


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#DTLV #RTCBikeShare

Bike Share #DTLV


Bike Share #DTLV #RTCBikeShare

Third Year Anniversary

About the RTC
The RTC is the transit authority, transportation planning organization and regional traffic management agency for Southern Nevada. The RTC’s vision is to provide a safe, convenient and effective regional transportation system that enhances mobility and air quality for citizens and visitors. The RTC encourages residents and visitors to use a variety of transportation choices to help reduce traffic congestion, clean the air and improve the quality of life in Southern Nevada. For more information about the RTC and its major initiatives or to download its transit app rideRTC, visit rtcsnv.com.

Parking: City Hall

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Second Year Snapshot (PDF)

RTC Bike Share to Officially Roll Through Downtown Las Vegas on Oct. 27 – Mass Transit (2016)


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