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Responsible Travel Week 2009

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Planeta.com thanks participants for joining the May 18-22, 2009 online conference focusing on responsible tourism around the world.

The event was launched when the Belize ICRT Conference was postponed due to the H1 N1 global flu pandemic.

“Since the Responsible Tourism Conference in Belize has been postponed until later this year, we are choosing to conduct some discussion online across various platforms, including Planeta.com and social web including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube,” said Ron Mader, founder of Planeta.com.

Mader said that the discussion will be decentralized. Updates are published online the relevant pages on Planeta.com.

In terms of planning, not much will be done. Borrowing the wisdom of Spike Milligan, “We don’t have anything planned, so nothing can go wrong!”

This is not the typical conference or e-conference! Instead, the discussion will be dependent on participants organizing themselves in productive and inspiring ways we cannot begin to imagine. The hope is that Responsible Tourism Week contributes broadly and deeply to the global dialogue on responsible tourism and that it helps set up the networking for the Responsible Tourism Conference in Belize later this year.

“A friend asked whether the Responsible Tourism Week helps build a stronger global constituency or whether it will build toward the Responsible Tourism Conference in Belize this year. My answer is yes to both,” said Mader.

With so many different platforms, the format facilitates participation in creative and innovative ways. Says Kurt Ackermann, co-host of the Responsible Tourism in Cities conference, “It’s really more of a call for concentrated virtual engagement than a structured, programmatic conference.

Among the topics for discussion – supporting responsible tourism initiatives during the economic recession, creating a code of conduct for academics and evaluating the success of community-based tourism operations: what are the lessons learned, what are suggestions for making improvements.

Annual Responsible Travel Week

We don’t have anything planned, so nothing can go wrong.
Spike Milligan



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