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2016 Responsible Travel Week took place Feb 8-14, 2016. We suggested that participants budget at least one hour/day for participation.

Responsible Travel Week is a live demonstration of social web as an easy and inexpensive means of documenting the challenges and successes of developing responsible tourism. Consider this an unconference. There is a flexible agenda with topics of common interest an an invitation to the participants themselves to show responsible travel in action.


Are there any specific topics you would like to see addressed during Responsible Travel Week?
Accessible travel

What’s new in 2016?

  • Topical Discussions
  • Photo Challenge: We want to see photos and artwork inspired by responsible travel
  • Video Challenge: We want to see videos inspired by responsible travel. Upload to Vine, Vimeo and YouTube
  • Drone Videos: We want to see videos made with drones and we’ll be discussing the do’s and don’ts
  • Social Web Challenge Contest: Award to the individuals and countries using the social web; judged by overall quality as well as individual achievement
  • New local events in Las Vegas and nearby Henderson. For the third year we’re hosting the event from one of the world’s most storied cities. Look for early morning photosafaris and soundwalks in Henderson parks.
  • Spotlight on dark skies AND the International year of Light
  • Country Contest: Which country will win our inaugural contest for most engaged participation during RT Week?
  • Google Docs We are setting up a half dozen docs focusing on responsible travel. We’ll also see if there’s interest in creating transcripts from the hangouts.
  • Increased use of Google+ for Live Hangouts. Now we can chat directly with participants with live Q&A. Ideally each day’s hangout (or hangouts) will include 3-5 participants.
  • Outbounding. Upvote your favorite RT features on Outbounding.

Links and Mentions
Global Partnership
Responsible Tourism Awards
Sustainable Vision
Green-Travel Network

Die Unkonferenz zur Woche des verantwortungsbewussten Reisens hat begonnen. Schaut mal nach #rtweek16 auf. The unconference Responsible Travel Week has begun. Look to #rtweek16 @1fachgutereisen @respontour

Registered Guests and Twitter Handles
Maureen Maloney
Fredrick Selby, USA @cheffredrick
Anders Kärrstedt, Sweden @anderskarr
Irfan Qureshi, Mozambique
Nadia Kannemeyer, South Africa
Kaitie Worobec, Canada




social web channels you’d like to master. Bookmark this page. Our wiki offers the helicopter view. If it makes it easier to access, make it a favorite on your browser or device of choice.

Make a wishlist of the things you’d like to do, people you’d like to meet, places you’d like to visit. If you’re a traveler, what ‘responsible travel’ options are of greatest interest? If you’re a local who receives visitors, what are you most proud of in your community you’d like to share?

Collaborate! In the backchannel (email, private face-to-face chats), talk this over with colleagues and make an announcement or presentation early in the week.

Topics addressed: biking and cycling, biodiversity, elephants, Indigenous connections, parks and protected areas, rock art,

Responsible Travel Networking – Facebook
Responsible Travel Handbook (2006) (PDF) @TransAbroad
Responsible Tourism – Transitions Abroad
From Loop Head to the World Bank
A-Z of Responsible Tourism


Assessing tourists’ cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions toan unethical destination incident
(Kudos Brian Garrod for making this gold open access!)

Ecotourism, natural resource conservation proposed as allies to protect natural landscapes

Monday, February 1

Media Day

We answer any questions for your newscast, blog or personal interest.

One of our challenges for Responsible Travel Week 2016 #rtweek16 is to learn how to make the most of live video and livestreaming. We will schedule some 1-1 and small group hangouts for real-time conversation. I’d also encourage those in the field to create your own videos. There are plenty of options, including YouTube, Vimeo and Periscope, what I’d call the app of the year!

What’s in it for you? Bottom line: If you want to increase your viewers/audience, just let us know where to find your video with the #rtweek16 hashtag.


Monday, February 8

Responsible Travel Week Day #1. Today’s challenge: Be creative.

Why have a Responsible Travel Week? Because most people who crave responsible travel, practice responsible travel, benefit from responsible travel — never use the words ‘responsible travel.’

This month we are planning a few live video hangouts via Google and YouTube and the periscope app where we plan to visit Cornerstone Park, the Las Vegas Bike Shop #nvbikeped, el Vaquero, the Ethel M Cactus Garden.

Social Web Challenges:
Download and play with the following apps
Google+ Hangouts

Buzzwords: Biodiversity, Elephants, Experience

Blog: Day 1


Recommended Listening
Centennial Park Labyrinth Walk Music

Elsewhere on the Web
Why Green Travelers Love Amsterdam

Tuesday, February 9

Responsible Travel Week Day #2. Today’s challenge: Be generous.

Today is Day 2 of Responsible Travel Week. If you’re in London, make new friends at the RT Unite Meetup

Question: What are your favorite bike-friendly businesses?

Buzzwords: Dogs, Wetlands

Periscope: Cornerstone Park


Elsewhere on the Web
8 Myths About Responsible Tourism – WTTC
RT Networking

Wednesday, February 10

Responsible Travel Week Day #3. Today’s challenge: Be attentive.

It’s #WikiWednesday so a special shoutout request for suggestions. Many thanks to the editors

Social Web Challenges:
Like a post on our Facebook event page
Like a photo from our Flickr album
+1 and share our next Google+ Hangout: Responsible Travel Week Hangout with Ecoclub
Give a thumbs up to a YouTube video

Buzzwords: Elephants, Empower, Irresponsible, Wildlife

Elsewhere on the Web @travelmattersuk @RTTCollective

Thursday, February 11

Responsible Travel Week Day #4. Today’s challenge: Be curious.

Responsible Travel Week Hangout with Ecoclub


Google+ Hangout, YouTube
Responsible Travel Week Hangout with Ecoclub
Guests: Antonis, NikkiBlog: The Best Conversations Take Place Over Time


Elsewhere on the Web

Friday, February 12

Responsible Travel Week Day #5. Today’s challenge: Be empathetic.

Buzzword Bingo: orphanage

Elsewhere on the Web
A cautionary tale (earth in the cross-hairs)

Saturday, February 13


Sunday, February 14

Elsewhere on the Web

February 21

International Mother Language Day



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