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Responsible Travel Week Begins (2017)

Photo: Neerav Bhatt, Surry hills sydney streetart by mulgatheartist

Responsible Travel Week begins. Welcome back for our annual rolling conversation. Hashtag: #rtweek17

Why have a Responsible Travel Week? Because most people who crave responsible travel, practice responsible travel, benefit from responsible travel — never use the words ‘responsible travel.’ This week bridges the gap in a global show and tell of what works and what doesn’t. It highlights what locals and visitors like best about each other — mutual respect.

The event is mostly unorganized and that’s by design. It is what we lovingly called an unconference in that the participants – you – create the agenda.

Organize yourselves! On the plus side, this allows people to create events and live video tours on the fly. You have to announce it, though and the week is designed to encourage participants be more comfortable with the social web. It’s the early-in-the-year wake-up-call that we all need on our journey toward digital literacy and ethical / conscious / responsible travel. Engaged participants shouldn’t feel like you need to know everything. Be curious. Ask questions. Just include the #rtweek17 hashtag.

Since this is a mostly online event, your participation will be noted in terms of your likes, shares, retweets, hearts, stars whatever form of upvoting you’re amenable to.

How this works: each day in the agenda, we will post the social web challenges for the day. Responses will liked, shared, embedded.

Having the event unfold online allows me the freedom to spend time with family. This week my father came home for hospice. My attention is divided, of course, and I’ll be visiting these pages this coming week looking for honesty and inspiration. I’m dedicating my participation to John A Mader, who long before Facebook, had friends everywhere he traveled by respecting and being sociable with others.

Social Web Challenges:
This week please create something in a digital format and upload it. This could be some photos or a video or a presentation. Let us know what you’ve been working on and what you’re going to do in the next few months.

Eventbrite – Register. Feedback is useful – http://rtweek17.eventbrite.com

Facebook – Introduce yourself on the event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/717364801750735. We’d love to learn more about your interest in responsible travel.

Flickr – Upload a photo or artwork for Responsible Travel Week. Bonus points if you use the attribution-sharealike license.

Periscope – Introduce yourself with a live video

Slideshare – Post an original presentation or document

Twitter – Create a Twitter moment

YouTube – Upload an original video.

Give a face to responsible travel and create a virtual tour of 3-7 places to visit (include website and twitter handle, facebook page). Bonus points if you include favorite people to meet.

Natural World Challenges

Be creative! Make a physical poster / mural / foamboard / photo montage


Q How do you define responsible tourism? = ¿Cómo se define el turismo responsible?

Q How will we address climate change and emissions created from long-haul travel? ¿Cómo abordará el cambio climático y las emisiones generadas por los viajes de larga distancia? #iy2017

Q Are there any upcoming events related to responsible travel in 2017? = ¿Hay eventos próximos relacionados con los viajes responsables en 2017?

Q How will the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development address migration and the legal movement of people? = ¿Cómo abordará el Año Internacional del Turismo Sostenible para el Desarrollo la migración y el movimiento legal de personas? #iy2017

Name the handles of 3 Twitter accounts related to local, conscious, eco, sustainable responsible travel. = Nombre de 3 cuentas de Twitter relacionadas con el local, consciente, eco, sostenible responsable de viajes.

Levels of engagement: Be creative.

How do you define responsible tourism? = ¿Cómo se define el turismo responsible? #roofdog #rtweek17


What is responsible travel?

Responsible Travel Week

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