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All travel and tourism can be more beneficial to locals and visitors. Let’s figure out what to do. invites readers and friends to our annual Responsible Travel Week, February 12-18. We hope you can fall in love (again!) with responsible travel.

2018 is the tenth year for Responsible Travel Week and‘s 19th year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing. Since 2000 we have hosted dozens of dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel.

Participation is free and pay what you want. What we mostly desire is engagement – your contributions, comments, upvotes, news of upcoming events, meetups and questions.

Register on Facebook and Google Docs

How to Participate
Use the #rtweek18 hashtag in posts with comments or contributions to the week

We Appreciate
Retweets from @planetanews. Please help us get the words and tweets out!

Requests for Participants 

  • Keep an open mind and heart during Responsible Travel Week. We ask a lot of questions and get a lot of feedback during this week.
  • Promote the event via face-to-face conversation, online via your own social web channels and to share / like / heart other people’s posts. A little encouragement goes a long way!
  • Develop an online presentation – document, blog video, slides – to be shared during the week. Post something we can share, like, embed and promote.
  • Host or join videos. Bonus points for live videos. We’d love to see your point of view from #Periscope and #FacebookLive.
  • Comment on
  • Host or join local events on the ground.
  • Register on Facebook and Google Docs
  • Enjoy yourself and contribute to the joy of other participants. It’s not working if we’re not having fun.

Requests for Partners

  • Talk to Ron Mader and ask to be a partner or sponsor of this event.
  • Comment on
  • Contribute financially or in kind.
  • Register on Facebook and Google Docs

Specific Requests
We are looking for friends who would like to help organize local events and submit features for about making tourism more beneficial for locals and visitors in 2018. You don’t have to do everything, but if you’d like to be more engaged, talk to Ron.

Global and Local
We will invite you along to some wonderful places in Las Vegas, including Seven Magic Mountains pictured in the poster. Other meetup locations in Las Vegas: Pinball Hall of Fame and the Wetlands Park.

Live Video Conversations
We are scheduling live video conversations via private and public screensharing and encourage others to do the same. Who wants to change the world? Join us on Facebook Monday-Friday,830am Las Vegas, 1130am New York City, 430pm London 630pm Cape Town, 10pm New Dehli

Each year we ask participants to stretch their online skills.

Responsible Travel Week Challenge 2018

Trending Topics
Topics for discussion are submitted by participants.


Changing Climate


Buzzword Bingo
Bonus points for posts and tweets including the following

advocacyalternate, anthropocene, attention, awards, bike lanes, bike share, Bliain na Gaeilge, blockchain, bollards, chocolate, city parksclimate, co-designcollaboration, collaborative editing, community, communicationcompassionconscious travelcoralday zero, death, deserts, digital literacy, digitize, dostadning, earth dayelectionselephants, empathyequity, encryptethicscommunication strategy, facebook live, guelaguetza, gemütlichkeit, grand circlehelicopter tour, impact, impactful, inclusion, Indigenous languages, intangible cultural heritage, International Mother Language Day, joy, kindness, land art, language, literacylivestreaminglove, makarratamarketsMāori Language Weekmessage board, milkshake duckmillennial, motivationmovementmultigenerational, museums, off track, ombudspersonopen accessopen journalism, overtourism, peopleperiscope, photography, pinballplatinum rule, play, sharks, sharingsustainable tourism,  testimonialtransparency, thread, thrive, trust, undertourism, unselfieupvoting, #usatuvoz, valentinevirtuous circlewayfindingweek, wetlands, wiki, wildlife, wildlife tourismwokeworld heritage, xennial

Apps – Tools – Websites

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Flickr, Google Local Guides, Hangout, Instagram, Periscope, Skype, Slack, Twitter, Wikispaces, YouTube

Twitter Moment

What we’d love participants to do during Responsible Travel Week

Topics: Responsible Travel Week 2018

What is responsible travel?

Responsible Travel Week

Making the most of an unconference


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