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Topics: Responsible Travel Week 2019


Welcome to Responsible Travel Week 2019, February 11-17. This page will be updated before and during the week.

Planeta.com invites readers and friends to our annual Responsible Travel Week, February 11-17. 2019 is the 11th year for Responsible Travel Week (RTWeek) and Planeta.com‘s 20th year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing. Participation is free and pay what you want.

Topics for discussion are submitted by participants as comments on this page or with posts on the social web.

On our registration page – https://goo.gl/forms/6ZlloBs4EB9pU9t73 – we ask: “What topics would you like to explore during Responsible Travel Week?”

Tourism through bike share and cycling

Responsible tourism marketing campaigns

Tourism trade shows

Digital responsibility

Visitor management

Language barriers and technical solutions

Artificial intelligence for sustainability

Animal welfare

Single-use plastic

Cultural respect

Supporting local communities

Strategies to combat overtourism

Tourism after the end of economic growth

Regional Spotlight
Africa – Asia – Austin – Belize – Cambodia – Canada – England – Estonia – Europe – Germany – Georgia (state) – Georgia (country) – Germany – Guadalajara – Guatemala – Honduras – Ireland – Italy – Japan – Kiruna – Las Vegas – Mexico – Mexico City – New Zealand – North America – Oaxaca – South Africa – South America – Spain – Turkey – USA – Venice – Wales – Zimbabwe

Wildlife Spotlight
Bats – Giraffes – Jaguars – Lions

What’s happening / just happened to national parks during the Trump Shutdown? We’re checking in with friends and colleagues. We continue our visits and virtual tours of Indigenous-owned and community-driven initiatives across the Grand Circle.

Grand Circle Travel in the USA

Wild USA

Navajo Tours USA


Mexico-USA Borderlands

Mission, Texas

Las Vegas
Downtown visit DTLV and the Community Healing Garden. Bonus points for those on clever enough to enjoy a downtown bike ride.

Bike Share in Las Vegas

Bike Share

Favorite People and Places in Las Vegas

Mexico 2019
Big year in Mexico with the first year of the AMLO government, continuing focus on the Mexico/USA Borderlands. On a personal note, Ron Mader is celebrating the 20-year anniversary for Mexico: Adventures in Nature guidebook. We would like to know the status of nature travel and ecotourism in Mexico. Scheduling live video conversations throughout the year. Virtual and physical tours, meetups and whatever else to be explored further.

Mexico 2019

1519 – 2019+

Tren Maya = Maya Train

Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries

South Africa

Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Indigenous Peoples

2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages

Te Matatini


Dizhsa Nabani

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week)

Smithsonian’s Mother Tongue Film Festival 2019


Changing Climate




Wildlife Tourism

Institutional Spotlights

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


Culinary Tourism

Coffee Tourism

Ferias gastronómicas


Artificial Intelligence (AI)





Global Goals


Open Access



Single-Use Plastic



Responsible Travel Week 2019

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What is responsible travel?

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