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Challenge: Responsible Travel Week 2020


Welcome to our recap of Responsible Travel Week 2020, February 10-16. Hashtag: #rtweek20. This page spotlights our social web challenge designed to help further communication skills of participants.

Planeta.com invited readers and friends to our annual Responsible Travel Week. 2020 was the 12th year for Responsible Travel Week (RTWeek) and the beginning of Planeta.com‘s 21st year of innovative, community-driven, listener-supported, online conferencing.

How our challenge works
One of the objectives of Responsible Travel Week is to improve communication skills using new and existing technologies, analog (face-to-face) and digital. We are strong proponents of Digital Literacy.

Specifically: Apps, Smartphones, Tablets, Widgets
Apps/Platforms: Facebook, Flickr, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

We put these digital tools into practice through the lens of responsible and conscious travel. Do they educate and illuminate opportunities for collaboration?

For life-long learners, the challenge is not limited to one week. Take your time and enjoy the journey. We will be checking in throughout the next few months.

Multigenerational Musts. There are many terrific examples of conscious living that do not get the attention they deserve, because simply one generation or community does not speak the language of the other. Starting with social web challenges, we ask participants to improve their communication skills – from notebooks to chromebooks, from pen to pixel, and back again.

What would you like to technically master? Or become adequate in. Maybe it’s how to log-in on your smartphone or syncing applications from tablet to desktop. You might test translation software or create a countdown widget. You decide.

Perhaps you have a blog that has not been updated in yonks. This could be the week you challenge yourself to log in, write and publish something. It could be a New Year’s resolution to create a few posts this year. A website without comments is like a dog without a bone. A website that is not updated is like a dog that has been abandoned.

Participation is not limited to digital clicks. We ask you to go outdoors, befriend your local community, and physically explore the noble ideals and aspirations of responsible travel where you are in February 2020. Ask, what would locals like visitors to know?

We encourage participants to judge and rate your own actions. Are you learning new skills? Are you connecting with old friends? Are you learning about new ideas or new people?

Finally. Complement is a thing that completes or brings to perfection and compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration. Do both.

Create a Buzz

  • Join / Share / Upvote Facebook event page
  • Preview the week. Announce what you would like to learn, share, and contribute.


  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Ride a bike
  • Visit a bike store
  • Use public transportation
  • Visit a library (Bonus points: check out a book)
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit a park
  • Visit a friend
  • Spend money at a local business
  • STake a look at Betelgeuse

Treasure Hunt

  • Take a picture of a book and share it.
  • Take a picture of a message board and share.
  • Take a picture of a flowering tree.
  • Take a picture of local architecture, art or people (with their permission).

Cross Platform Challenges

  • Create and share a playlist.
  • Edit on different devices.
  • Record and share video.

Facebook Challenges

  • Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
  • Mobile users: Have you checked in to a particular place?
  • Share the event or a post.
  • Answer a poll.

Google Challenges

Twitter Challenges

Bonus Points: Watch, share and heart Periscope videos from the conference

YouTube Challenges

Capture a Web Page via the Wayback Machine
Do you know how to capture a web page via the Internet Archives?
Example: Outbounding: Travel content worth reading

World Radio Day Challenge
During Responsible Travel Week #rtweek20 and in celebration of today’s #WorldRadioDay, Planeta.com asks friends to share examples of favorite multilingual, plurilingual radio and/or podcasts. Bonus points for programs that explicitly deal with responsible travel. Bonus points to Indigenous friends preserving their mother languages. Shoutout to Kumoontun for its collection of audio Ayöök stories on Soundcloud.

Nerdy Gadgets

Nerdy Stuff

  • Backup your computer. (Good general advice we give ourselves)
  • Upgrade your computer operating system
  • Download some of your photos from your phone
  • Organize your desktop
  • Print something


  • Place an international call
  • Video chat with Facebook Messenger
  • Video chat with Skype
  • Video chat with WhatsApp
  • Video chat with Hangout

Bonus Points

  • Learn how to say ‘green’ in Zapotec.
  • What’s a widget?

Twitter Moment
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