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Schedule: Responsible Travel Week 2020


Welcome to our recap of Responsible Travel Week 2020, February 10-16. Hashtag: #rtweek20. This page spotlights agenda / schedule.

Planeta.com invited readers and friends to our annual Responsible Travel Week. 2020 was the 12th year for Responsible Travel Week (RTWeek) and the beginning of Planeta.com‘s 21st year of innovative, community-driven, listener-supported, online conferencing.

How this works
Responsible Travel Week depends on participants’ actions. Let us know of local meetups, soundwalks, panels, workshops or any other collaborative collision-making, face-to-face, brick-and-mortar events. Also, let us know of any online talks, chats, zooms. The schedule will be updated accordingly.

During Responsible Travel Week, each day begins with a series of tweets (@planetanews) and posts on our Facebook event page. Participants are asked to respond / share / like the questions. Comments are also welcome on this site.

Thank Yous

As we start Responsible Travel Week, a few house rules. Be kind. Be generous. Be creative. Be present.

On this first day, we go over the basics – what we call and practice as responsible travel. Here are the lessons learned, the resources elsewhere on the Web, a veritable Responsible Travel Reader for 2020.

We also take a look back at 2019, paying attention to institutional events, local celebrations, and inspired examples from around the globe.

We ask participants to (re) introduce yourselves and your interest and perhaps work in responsible / conscious / eco / local / Indigenous / gastrodiplomatic travel.

Questions: What is responsible travel?, What were the highlights of 2019?
Topics: Parks, Bears Ears
Country Spotlight: China, France, Mexico, Kenya, India

Looking ahead – 2020 events
Questions: What events are scheduled in 2020?
What is the date of the next Responsible Tourism Day?
What is the date of this year’s Māori Language Week?
Topics: Biodiversity 2020, Plant Health, Earth Day, World Environment Day
Country Spotlight: South Africa, Ukraine, USA

In a week focused on love and compassion, today we are addressing some difficult questions during Responsible Travel Week. In respect to responsible travel, what are your pet peeves? = Con respecto al los viajes responsables, ¿cuáles son tus manías?

There are plenty of things we do not like, that stand in the way of progress. Let’s not be silent. One example – the way Anonymous Indians are used in tourism and conservation imagery. These unnamed people deserve better, particularly when they are friends. Some stories about Oaxaca postcards and the weavers of Teotitlán del Valle.
Questions: In respect to responsible travel, what are your pet peeves? = Con respecto al los viajes responsables, ¿cuáles son tus manías?
Country Spotlight: Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Canada

Live Video: Seven Magic Mountains
Facebook video

Thursday, World Radio Day
Mainstreaming is Livestreaming

Radio Day Challenge
During Responsible Travel Week #rtweek20 and in celebration of today’s #WorldRadioDay, Planeta.com asks friends to share examples of favorite multilingual, plurilingual radio and/or podcasts. Bonus points for programs that explicitly deal with responsible travel. Bonus points to Indigenous friends preserving their mother languages. Shoutout to Kumoontun for its collection of audio Ayöök stories on Soundcloud.
Country Spotlight: Bangladesh, Belize, Colombia

Country Spotlight:






2 thoughts on “Schedule: Responsible Travel Week 2020

  1. Wildlife Tourism Australia would like to let folk know about our 2020 conference in Brisbane in June, as well as discussing responsible travel generally. What’s our best first step for linking in with Responsible Travel Week?

    1. This is great news. We look forward to learning more from Wildlife Tourism Australia’s members and are keen on helping get the word out regarding your upcoming conference. On a somber note, the recent bushfires have been among the most searched terms on Planeta.com. If we can highlight the conservation efforts and how travelers can be informed, then there’s a conversation just waiting to happen.

      First steps – Please post an announcement about Responsible Travel Week to your members, letting them know the home page – https://www.planeta.com/rtweek20 – as well as the Facebook event page — https://www.facebook.com/events/339162010305584. When tweeting (and please tweet!) use the hashtag #rtweek20 and tag our Twitter account https://twitter.com/planetanews

      Via Twitter or Facebook DM, let’s set up a time for a private chat.

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