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Responsible Travel Week 2021


Responsible Travel Week 2021 took place February 8-14. Contributions and collaborations are still welcome. If you would like to contribute, please message / tweet / speak with Planeta.com’s Ron Mader.

Discover your role in the emerging community of people committed to engaged living, embodied practice, and responsible travel. Planeta.com invites friends to join our free, week-long conversation, Responsible Travel Week, February 8-14, 2021. Hashtag: #rtweek21.

Our event continues to be free, open, public, and particularly relevant in this time of figuring out how to make the most of conscious, meaningful travel and tourism that benefits locals and visitors. It’s a big ask, but now that we have time on our hands to prepare for trips after the pandemic – as guests and hosts – RT Week is happy to spotlight good practices around the globe. There is no formal registration, but we recommend attendees consult and follow our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages (links below).

For those who are able, pay what you want or become a paid sponsor. Please message / tweet / speak with Planeta.com’s Ron Mader.

Bonus points for those keen on radical collaboration.

Key Links
planeta.com/rtweek21 (this page)
Facebook Event
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Google Doc
Twitter Moment

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How this works
Participants are asked to walk the talk of responsible travel in their own communities and share lessons learned and questions to be asked as comments on this website as well as social web channels, including Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube …


  • For those keen on these topics, what are the noteworthy publications, reports?
  • What is not responsible travel? What is irresponsible tourism?
  • When is responsible tourism day?
  • What events are scheduled in 2021?
  • How can travel encourage the conservation and use of Indigenous languages?

What’s new in 2021?
After the pandemic
Drink up! Preparing our food-focused travel options: beer, bourbon, mezcal, sake, wine
Coronavirus Status Report: Parks, Tourism
Preview: 2021 events
Virtual tours

What do we love about travel? And that’s using an inclusive we – travelers and locals, the present and the future and past, the geological, biological, and the cultural worlds, the Indigenous and settler cultures.

90% of the conversation takes place online, documenting, previewing and recapping events around the world. 10% happens in the natural world – what you do, how you deftly manage to include the words – explicitly or not – ‘responsible travel’ in conversations with friends and family. What are their perceptions, expectations, concerns? And most importantly, listen. Enjoy the soundscapes and soundwalks where you find yourself this week.

There are cool meetups in southern Nevada and other places to be announced.

Online Planeta.com hosts real-time videos, chats, and collaborative editing sessions, even after the week concludes. Participants are asked to customize their own experiences. Create and announce your own meetups, workshops, soundwalks, and other creative endeavors. Fall in love with responsible, magical, and fabulous travel.

Participation is free and pay what you want. What we seek is meaningful interaction, aka engagement – announcements, creations, comments, retweets, upvotes, stars, and questions. If you have previously contributed to Planeta or worked with Ron Mader, please use the week to update us on your work.

Bottom line: The important thing here is to get people doing responsible travel as guests and hosts. We explore how it applies to local communities with the stories you hear and tell.

2021 is Planeta.com‘s 22nd year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing and lucky 13th year hosting RT Week.

Help us prepare for the 2021 Responsible Travel Week. Please check out the collaborative Google Doc

Twenty years ago (2000!) we started our online conversations discussing ecotourism throughout North America. It was the first in a series of regional dialogues conducted first on Egroups, then Yahoo Groups. Later there were conversations using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It makes sense to use a wide array of digital platforms to check out the status of travel around the globe. Nothing stays static, hence our desire to travel.

Responsible Travel Week explores the avenues and scenic byways of the Information Superhighway. Planeta.com was an early adopter and pioneer connecting the natural with the virtual worlds. We knew the journey toward ethical, conscious living would be as valuable as the destination. Hence the creation of these real-time conversations.

How to be more responsible in travel is a challenge for locals and travelers alike.

How do we increase the positive? If we identify the ills, we can propose solutions. As former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating said, “It seems to me that if we can imagine the injustice we can imagine its opposite.”

The journey toward responsible travel means calling out irresponsible tourism.

Counting since our official start!
Days since

Digital Literacy Quiz
Digital Literacy Quiz – Figure out how to login, post and respond on major social web channels. This is a week of cyber housekeeping.









  • Live video presentations
  • Recaps of 2020 events and previews of 2021
  • Digitized videos of past conferences / events relevant to responsible travel
  • Input on new Responsible Travel Award

Since 2000 Planeta.com has hosted dozens of public dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel.

Responsible Travel Week is Planeta.com’s annual conference/unconference in which everyone is welcome to preview or recap events, publications, campaigns, and other endeavors related to responsible tourism. We ask how locals and visitors benefit from face-to-face encounters.

Links and Mentions
Global Ecotourism Network

Facebook Event

Conversations, Debates, and Transitions – Planeta.com hosts an annual (un)conference focusing on what we love about responsible travel and conscious living. As recommended viewing, here are some of our recent conversations as well as fave videos elsewhere on the web.

Elsewhere on the Web
⚡️ Responsible Travel Week 2021 Twitter Moment


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