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Photo: Patrick Nouhailler, 2018 view

Salamanca is a city in northwestern Spain that is the capital of the Province of Salamanca in the community of Castile and León. The city lies on several hills by the Tormes River. Its Old City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.


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World Heritage
UNESCO: Salamanca is an ancient university town situated in the west of Spain in the Autonomous Community of Castilla and León. The Carthaginians first conquered the city in the 3rd century B.C. It then became a Roman settlement before being ruled by the Moors until the 11th century. The university, one of the oldest in Europe, reached its high point during Salamanca’s Golden Age. The city’s historic centre has important Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments. The Plaza Mayor, with its galleries and arcades, is particularly impressive.

Salamanca is a serial property consisting of the Old Quarter of the City and seven outlying component parts: Colegio de los Irlandeses, Iglesia de San Marcos, Iglesia de Sancti Spiritus, Convento de Las Claras, Casa-Convento de Santa Teresa, Iglesia de San Juan de Barbalos and Iglesia de San Cristóbal.

The inscribed property covers an area of 51 ha, with a 130 ha buffer zone, and contains all the necessary attributes to express the property’s Outstanding Universal Value. These key features include all the monuments related to the University and also highly important examples of Baroque art in Spain, particularly the Plaza Mayor. The key attributes illustrate the history of Salamanca and bear witness to its primary function as a university town.

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