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Sámi Language Conference (2019)

The Sámi Parliament hosts the Sámi Language Conference in Tromsø, Norway February 4-5, 2019. The conference venue will be the Clarion Hotel ‘The Edge’.

Marking the official kick-off of the Sámi Parliament’s language campaign, this conference will be the first major commemoration of the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages in Sápmi. Sámi municipalities, language centres, linguistic and cultural institutions, private and public players and business and industry, as well as Indigenous peoples from all over the world to this conference are invited.

The Sámi Parliament has initiated a long-term language campaign that called “the Language Boost”. It consists of comprehensive, targeted efforts to promote Sámi languages in all areas of society. The Sámi Parliament’s vision is that the Sámi languages will be natural, society-bearing, dynamic languages.

The UN has named 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The Sámi Parliament wishes to encourage other indigenous peoples to participate in the language conference as well.

The program for the conference is currently being drawn up. The program will be published upon completion.

Source: https://en.iyil2019.org/events/sami-language-conference-iyil2019-launching-in-arctic-region/


  • Will the conference have livestreaming and recorded video?
  • What are recommended Sámi language resources?

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