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Sámi Language

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This page spotlights the Sami languages with headlines, vocabulary, and resources.

Council of Europe recommends that Finland grant permanent funds for promotion of Sámi languages
Eurohpa ráđi áššedovdit ávžžuhit Suoma stáhta čujuhit bissovaš ruhtadeami sámi giellabargui ja ovddidit olbmuid áddejumi sámegielain
Sámi languages making gains in Finland

Sámi Language

Sami Sayings
Everything in nature has a soul.
Walking in my forefathers footprints, without leaving traces behind.
Doing things as a hare (meaning always in the last minute rush)

Vocabulary: Sami-English-Spanish
Mun jugan gáfe – I drink coffee – Tomo café
Njalgie – Delicious – Sabroso
Bure iriet – Good morning – Buenos dias
Bure eahket – Good evening – Buenos noches
Bure idja – Good night – Buenos noches
Baze dearvan – Goodbye (if you are leaving) – Adios (Si te vas)
Manni dearvan – Goodbye (if you are staying) – Adios (Si te quedas)
Giitu – Thank you – Gracias
Lea go borre – You’re welcome – De nada
Gos don veija – How are you? – Como estas?
Bures – Fine – Bien
Duodji – Sámi handicraft – Artesania Sámi
Guksi – Sámi cup – Tasa Sámi

Beahceloddi = Western Capercaillie
Oarri = Eurasian red squirrel
Rieban = red fox
Boazu = tame reindeer
Goddi = wild reindeer
Boazugarđi = reindeer enclosure (Rengärde in Swedish)
Ráidu = When you travel with the reindeer in a long row following each other (poster)

English-Sami dictionary

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