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Sámi National Day is February 6, which commemorates the first Sámi congress in 1917.

Sámi is used to name the Lappish people, the indigenous population of Sápmi (northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Kola peninsula in Russia).

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The joint flag dates back to 1986. It was then that it was approved by the Nordic Sami Council at a conference in Åre. The flag was designed by Astrid Båhl from Skibotn in Norway, and neither the colors nor the symbols are there by chance.

The circle is a symbol for both the sun and the moon. The sun circle is red and the moon circle is blue. The flag’s colors – red, blue, green and yellow – are the same as in the traditional Sami costume, the “kolt”. The colours are symbols for things that are important for survival, red for fire, green for plants and nature, yellow for the sun and blue for water.

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