Indigenous Peoples

Sámi is used to name the Indigenous population of Sápmi (northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Kola peninsula in Russia). The Sámi flag has been flying in Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden since 1986.

The provinces Finnmark in Norway, Lappland in Sweden and Lappi/Lappland in Finland means ‘land of Sámi’s.’

The area has been populated, at least, since the last ice age and the oldest written document about Sámis is from a Roman historian that AD 98 wrote about “a fearful people in the far north that dressed in animal skins and could walk on snow (skiing).”

Sámi people are mostly known for reindeer husbandry and their traditional colorful garments.

Sámi National Day is February 6, which is celebrated in memory of the first Sámi congress in Trondheim in 1917.

The Sámis were previously known as Lapps.


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