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Santiago Juxtlahuaca

Photo: Veronica Lazo Mendoza, 2021 Feast Day

Spotlight on Santiago Juxtlahuaca

The municipality of Santiago Juxtlahuaca is one of the oldest towns in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, dating to the 12th century AD.

The patron saint feast is celebrated on July 25 in honor of the image of the saint Santiago Apostol, from whom the name of the town comes from the time of conquest and evangelization.

The word Juxtlahauaca has two etymological origins in Indigenous languages, one comes from Mixtec and is known as “Yosocuiya” from Yoso: Llano and Cuiya: Year. In the Nahuatl it is known as “Xiuxtlahuaca” which comes from the words Xiuxtla: valley and Huaca: wind or place, which means “Valley of the wind.”

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  • 1,690 meters above sea level

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Santiago Juxtlahuaca
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