Photo: Ron Mader, Mantis, Downtown Las Vegas (Some rights reserved)’s director Ron Mader presented four workshop sessions under the rubric of Sharing Cultures on the Social Web, introducing examples from around the world of cultural conservation using the social web at the Native Innovation Educational Technology Conference (June 2017).

What does the title allude? Sharing in terms of generosity and in terms of the newfangled social web, where sharing is the first step or first click, saying both ‘thank you’ and ‘hey, I found this first.’

There must be ways to connect local and global, analog and digital, knowledge, and wisdom.

Among the talking points – reflections on integrating into the classroom the tools themselves — collaborative writing, photo and video archives, Facebook, Twitter, and livestreaming video.

We previewed upcoming events, including the World Heritage Committee Meeting in Poland, Guelaguetza in Oaxaca, Mexico and Matariki and NetHui in New Zealand.

Those attending the Native Innovations Conference in person were asked to register on site. Others were invited to engage via the social web during and after the real-time conversation. We value our remote participants.


Books and Gamification
Viva gamification!

We asked participants to actively learn about the social web, raising their skill set just a little. For those who were completely disinterested in joining Facebook or Twitter, we took the approach that they could still learn and even view the pages from these sites. As advance prizes, participants were asked to take a book of their chose from a treasure trove of old-fashioned books purchased from the Friends of the Henderson Libraries in Nevada. Better these books get a good home and get read than collect dust.

Gamification at #NII2017

Thursday: Introductions
2-3pm Flagstaff, 5pm NYC, Durban 11pm, Friday 9am Auckland, 830am Adelaide

3:15-4:15pm Flagstaff, 6:15pm NYC, Friday 12:15am Durban, 815am Sydney, 745am Adelaide

Friday: Follow-Up

8:15-9:15am Flagstaff, 11:15am-12:15pm NYC, Durban 5:15pm, Saturday 3:15am Auckland

2:15-3:15pm Flagstaff, 5:15pm NYC, 11:15pm Durban, Saturday 715am Sydney, 645am Adelaide

Preview of upcoming events including Matariki, NAIDOC Week, Guelaguetza and the UNESCO Heritage Meeting in July. There’s also the Great American Solar Eclipse, Nethui, Open Education Week, World Listening Day, World Tourism Day and our annual celebration of Indigenous Peoples Week.


As the preview becomes a recap, I’m flooded with the sensory overload of working with such interesting teachers and administrators, a sizable portion of whom were reluctant to use technology and the social channels. I hope that the presentation was a pleasant introduction to the brighter, more inspired side of the web in terms of education, culture and heritage.


  • Ability to cast video from a phone or tablet to a viewable screen
  • Ability to livestream video of the workshop
  • Lo-Fi Request. A table on which to place a cardboard message board.Games
    • Take a picture of a book and share it.
    • Take a picture of a message board and share it.
    • Complement is a thing that completes or brings to perfection and compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration. Do both.
    • Like / follow / share Native Innovation on twitter @NativeInnovate and facebook: nativeinnovation
    • Give a heart to the #nii2017 Twitter Moment

      Fakebook Challenge

    • Have you created an account on Facebook?
    • Have you added a status update?
    • Have you commented on a friend’s post?
    • Have you liked a friend’s post?
    • Have you adjusted notifications on or off for your friends?
    • Have you uploaded photos?
    • Have you updated your cover photo, aka avatar?
    • Have you downloaded an image from Facebook?
    • Have you created a public photo album?
    • Mobile users: Have you checked in to a particular place?
    • Bonus points: Like, share and post on the official Facebook Native Innovation events page:

      Twitter Challenge

    • Have you created an account on Twitter?
    • Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
    • Ditch the egg! Have you updated your avatar image?
    • Have you updated your profile?
    • Have you retweeted someone else’s tweet?
    • Have you used a hashtag on Twitter?
    • Have you reviewed your email notifications?
    • Bonus Points: Watch, share and heart Periscope videos from the conference

      Cross Platform Challenges

    • Create and share a playlist.
    • Edit on different devices.
    • Record and share live video.

      Among the plusses

    • Apple TV was great way of sharing screens
    • Book give-away was a success. At the very least, people got to choose a gift.
    • Foamboard
    • Facebook Live worked to capture the video

      Ron Mader

      Ron Mader is a professional speaker, communication coach and journalist. His work catalyzes meaningful conversation and action about environmental conservation, tourism, responsible travel and peacemaking. In 1994 Ron launched, the web’s first site dedicated to ecotourism and responsible travel.

      Tips for Remote Participants connecting to live events

      • Be encouraging and generous

      • Use the official hashtag in posts and tweets

      • Ask questions and post comments

      Remember the other POV: Those at the physical event are people are sharing their experiences and knowledge. There might be technical difficulties or other challenges you cannot see on screen. Be patient.

      Tips for Event Organizers connecting to remote participants

      • Announce the official hashtag, use it and encourage others• Welcome remote participants, explain where they can find more info (website, blogs, facebook, google docs, twitter, flickr, instagram, youtube)

      • Retweet and comment on tweets about the event

      • Create Twitter lists (example NII Conference Superstars)

      • Be encouraging and generous

      Remember the other POV: Those unable to attend in person can contribute with their attention and interest. Let them know where to find more information. Indulge their curiosity as it may stoke the interest in the room that the audience for such important matters extends far beyond the four walls of the room. Be wired.


      Artwork / Cue Yourself
      Workshops: Sharing Cultures on the Social Web #nii2017

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