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Photo: Monte Albán, Oaxaca (Some rights reserved)

Think smart, travel slow
– Tagline, Planeta.com

Slow travel is a breath of fresh air for everyone who has “been there…done that” and wants something deeper. Our suggestion: take a deep breath and slow down. Take time to enjoy the experience, visit people and savor places.

Get to know the locals on their terms, on shared turf and let yourself listen. Follow what others are saying and you will gain insights, their pov and memories of their neighborhood, their town, their neighborhood, their cul-de-sac, or city park.

Slow adventures don’t need to be far away.

The Value of Slow Travel
Slow travel allows visitors time to meet locals and the places where they live. It’s so much more than the adrenaline kick of speeding through a foreign landscape.

Some travelers have a better  who are the focal point of the growing local tourism movement.

Above all slow travel encourages engagement that can be mutually beneficial. Film buffs, think Groundhog Day.

Travelers with a limited time budget often try to cram in as much as possible. It’s easy to see a lot in a short period of time, but odds are you run yourself ragged.

Slow travel requires thoughtful preparation, learning about the places to be visited beforehand while allowing one’s self to be surprised once you arrive. Slow travel lies in the moment and beyond the moment. There is the experience itself with all of its sensory wonders and surprises. And slow travel requires a nurturing of contact before, during and after your journey.

Want to get more for your money? Slow down. The chief expense for most travelers is transportation, so if you slow down, you can go deeper. Want to maximize philanthropy? Slow down. Commit to microphilanthropy.

To enrich your vacation, meet the people – locals and residents of where you are visiting. And here’s the kicker – meet them on their terms, on their turf and (as much as possible) with the rhythm of their communities.

Be mindful.
Be present.
Uni-task. (the opposite of multi-tasking)
Unplug. The red flag is if you find yourself interfacing with your device more than with strangers!


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