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Cities are getting smarter.
Hashtag: #smartcities

City of Las Vegas invests $1.5m in intelligent transportation technology
The case for … making low-tech ‘dumb’ cities instead of ‘smart’ ones
Las Vegas Gambles on a ‘Smart City’ Technology Makeover – CityLab
2018 Readiness Challenge winners reflect on their smart city journeys – Smart Cities Dive@SmartCitiesDive @BigSurfDon
Google plan for data-driven ‘smart city’ sparks privacy, democracy concerns@antonyjfunnell

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Are Smart Cities Dumb? – The Inquiry

CES 2020

CES 2018
Las Vegas – CES Smart Cities represents the entire connected ecosystem that brings together the technologies, solutions, players and audiences in the smart city sector including: IoT, 5G Connectivity, Transportation and Smart Automotive, Energy and Utilities, Health and Public Safety, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.


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