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Snow Leopards

Image: Biodiversity Heritage Library (Some rights reserved)

October 23 is Snow Leopard Day. Hashtag:  #SnowLeopardDay

Committed to raising awareness for the plight of an iconic species, the twelve Asian countries that are home to the cat made the initial declaration in 2014.

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Snow Leopard Trust: We do know that the threats to snow leopard survival are growing. Climate change threatens two-thirds of snow leopard habitat. Snow leopard habitats are increasingly facing mining pressures. Illegal hunting, poaching, and retaliatory killing of snow leopards are on the rise in many areas. We are most concerned about how the lower status may weaken conservation efforts in range countries and the ability of local governments to stop these threats. Governments may have less support from some sectors of their society to create protected areas for snow leopards given the potential revised status. We have earlier successfully opposed plans to commercially hunt snow leopards for trophy, and we anticipate that these pressures will increase. In short, we think the status change is unjustified and detrimental to the conservation of the snow leopard. The snow leopard may not officially be listed as Endangered anymore, but there is no doubt that it very much remains in danger.

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