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Social Bridging


Social bridging = People making connections to others who are not like them, who have different backgrounds, ages, races, professions
Also see: popup museum, photo safari

I really care about creating experiences in museums that facilitate social bridging – people connecting with other people who aren’t like them. I want to create safe environments where people can grapple with their own perspectives, celebrate their communities, and learn more about one another and the things we all cherish.
– Michelle DelCarlo, Reflection On A Year of Pop-Ups @PopUpMuseum

Social bridging is essential to building strong, safe, diverse communities. There are few places where bridging happens naturally. If we can make our museum a place that intentionally encourages and inspires bridging, we will make a powerful impact on our whole community.
– Nina Simon, Building Community Bridges: A “So What” Behind Social Participation @ninaksimon

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