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Socialising Tourism

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Socialising Tourism = A reorientation of travel and tourism based on the rights and interests of local communities and local peoples

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COVID-19 has shut travel, tourism, hospitality and events in many parts of the world. It offers an opportunity to uncover the possibilities of resetting tourism. Contemporary tourism has supported neoliberal injustices and exploitation and has been co-opted for the profit of a few. ‘Responsible’ approaches to tourism alone, however, will not offer sufficient capacity to enable such a reset. Instead, such a vision requires a community-centred tourism framework that redefines and reorients tourism based on the rights and interests of local communities and local peoples. Theoretically, such an approach includes a way tourism could be ‘socialised’ by being recentred on the public good. This is essential for tourism to be made accountable to social and ecological limits of the planet.


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