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It’s easier than ever to use the social web.

This page addresses how to make the most of social media — the platforms, channels, and apps which allow members/users to post, share, rank, share, and often remix user-generated content. Much of this is ostensibly free, though at the cost of sharing your data, preferences, and interests. Our view – for those working in conservation and tourism, accessibility and visibility are the benefits of using Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and the multitude – a veritable plethora – of other options.

The bottom line is that we need to learn how to play, extend our abilities, develop core skills, and move outside our current comfort zones with the assistance and encouragement of friends local and beyond the immediate horizon.

Currently I’m reworking the low-fi worksheet on social web interactions: ‘Are we on the same screen?’. The question is showing two parties on what channels communication can exist and encourages a mutual reflection of the degrees of interaction.

Objectives: The worksheet is intended to nurture digital literacy. For many good friends, colleagues, and family members, the social web is an undecipherable language. At the very least the worksheet helps people identify the commonalities. Second, the worksheet focuses on developing quality interaction. This occurs when both parties identify the possible channels and consider the options for engagement. Again, the language is tricky. What sense do we make of liking, faving, sharing, commenting, curating?

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