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What is the Social Web?

Photo: San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya

It’s easier than ever to use the social web.

Also called social media, these platforms, channels, and apps allow members to post, share, rank, share, and often remix user-generated content.

Consider it a revival of the telephone party line where you can have intimate conversations but people can listen in – with or without interjecting.

The bottom line is that we need to learn how to play, extend skills and abilities, develop core skills and move outside the comfort zone with the assistance and encouragement of friends local and global. Can we afford to ignore these channels?

Welcome to the long tail writ online and via lo-fi, heritage media. This guide should assist novices and veteran web users. Editors are encouraged to clarify text, add examples, and help translate key phrases in other languages.

Translating: Don’t be shy
Spanish: No sea tímido
Turkish: Utangaç olma
French: Ne soyez pas timide
Zapotec (Teotitlán del Valle): Kedy ratelau

Buzzword Bingo
ADSL analog – antisocial-networkingavatar – bit – bluetooth – born mobile – cloud – collaboration – content farm – core skills – crowd – crowdfundingcrowdsourcing – digital echo chamber – digital literacy – digital native – dump – early adopter – echo chamber – engagementfacebookflickr – follow – friend/unfriendfungamification – google – hyperlocal – influence – infrastructure – laggard – landing page – like/unlike – literacy – membership – missing plug-in – nethui – nudge – playlist – rss – search – skim (hojear) – social web – strategy (estrategía) – tag – tech aware – tech savvy – trust (confianza)twitter – tweet – views (visualizaciones) – webinar – widgetwiifmwikiwireless mesh networkingyoutube90-9-1

Here is my decidedly low-fi worksheet on social web interactions: ‘Are we on the same screen?’ can be remixed with any mix of social web channels. The question is showing two parties on what channels communication can exist and encourages a mutual reflection of the degrees of interaction.

Objectives: The worksheet is intended to nurture digital literacy. For many good friends, colleagues and family members, the social web is an undecipherable language. At the very least the worksheet helps people identify the languages. Second, the worksheet focuses on developing quality interaction. This will only occur when both parties identify the possible channels and consider the options for engagement. Again, the language is tricky. What sense do we make of liking, faving, sharing, commenting, curating?

Suggestions: Feel free to download, print, remix this worksheet developed for the 2017 European Ecotourism Conference. Make it suit your purposes. You are welcome to embed or curate this worksheet on other websites. Comments are most welcome!

#EuroEco17 Social Web Worksheet

Embedded Tweets

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The Silence of the Never Facebookers

Tips: Monitoring
It makes sense to closely monitor direct mentions and official hashtags. Advanced users will want to monitor relevant hashtags and variations of the official hashtag.

Timeline of social media


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