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Sports Tourism in Las Vegas

Photo: Hockey at Night

Exploring Las Vegas as a center of sports tourism. Always on.

Pro sports have enhanced—not eclipsed—entertainment in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Ad Breakdown: R&R’s ‘The Greatest Arena On Earth’ Spot For LVCVA@LVSportsBiz


The Greatest Arena on Earth

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Las Vegas leans in to professional sports as a tourism draw. The @reviewjournal breaks it down in this article about the next phase of the LVCVA’s “Greatest Arena on Earth” ad campaign:

It’s crazy how Vegas is already America’s best sports city.

Pulling a pro sports trifecta Sunday. Starting off at LV Ballpark at noon for some of the Aviators game, then heading to Allegiant Stadium for most of the Raiders-Dolphins and capping it off at T-Mobile Arena to catch the Golden Knights preseason opener vs. the Sharks.

“At one point on Sunday, it is estimated around 200,000 fans will be in Las Vegas sports venues…”


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